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Aims and Code of Conduct

The aims of the foundation of the Temporary Employment Agencies Association relate to the achievement and maintenance of higher professional standards in the field of temporary employment provision services, as well as the improvement of labour legislation. One of the principal aims is to ensure the observance of Flexicurity* principle in the field of employment in Latvia. In order to facilitate the implementation of aims, the members of the Association undertake to comply with the following principles

  1. The principle of respect for ethical and professional conduct
  2. The principle of compliance with the requirements of legislation
  3. The principle of ensuring the transparency of employment and wages
  4. The principle of compliance with the norms of labour safety and health
  5. The principle of equal attitude adoption
  6. The principle of the observance of employees' rights
  7. The principle of confidentiality observance
  8. The principle of compliance with high professional standards
  9. The principle of adherence to fairness and frankness in mutual competition

* Flexicurityconcept has been established according to the development of labour market and current trends. This term combines two simultaneously and equally essential principles: the flexibility and security of labour force, which provides for flexible conditions of a labour contract (regarding working hours, the balance between professional and private life, etc.) and security (work place guarantees, training in compliance with requirements, opportunities to find a new job fast).

For further information on the Flexicurityprinciple visit the European Union legislation explanatory website:


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