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TEA Working Principles

TEA or temporary employment agencies offer personnel related services to companies from different branches, providing their customers with temporary labour force (personnel pro tem or pieceworkers), as well as offer outsourcing for unlimited duration periods - personnel outsourcing and payroll.

The services include the selection (finding) of the required employees, the establishment of legal employment relationships, payroll and pay-down. A temporary employment agency concludes a labour contract with an employee; for an employer

The Contribution of Temporary Employment Agencies to Common Economic Processes

  • TEA facilitate employment in general, helping job seekers return to or commence employment in the labour market.
  • TEA facilitate youth employment and admittance to the active labour market; in most EU Member Countries about half of the TEA employees are under 25, moreover the majority are undergraduates whose contract with TEA is the first labour contract they have had in their life. The same way TEA help allows students to have a part-time job, combining it with the studies, as well as they have an opportunity to get involved in different profile projects in companies from different branches.
  • TEA facilitates the mobility of labour force and the balance between the professional and private life by providing part-time employment opportunities and involvement in temporary projects. 

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