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Temporary Employment Agencies Association of Latvia (TEAAL) was founded on 3 June, 2010 and it unitestemporary employment agencies and companies whose activity comprises rendering of temporary employment services. Initially TEAAL united three leading representatives of the branch in Latvia – the companies EiroPersonāls, Manpower and Simplika, and in 2011 the organization was joined by the company Starjobs.

Principal Tasks of Association:

  • To coordinate common problem-solving of the branch companies;
  • To represent members' interests in the social dialogue with public and municipal institutions, as well as local and international organizations;
  • To elaborate proposals for amendments in the laws and regulations that regulate members' activities, and promote their implementation;
  • To represent the members in their unified entirety in the relationship with related organizations in Latvia and abroad, and to provide the members with all kinds of information obtained from these organizations;
  • To defend members' rights and interests;
  • To facilitate the practice of fair entrepreneurship, to maintain the unity of the professional and ethical standards of branch members' activities;
  • To make its contribution to the facilitation of employment in the state in general, diminishing emigration and illegal employment;
  • To support the society's - both employers and employees - understanding of temporary employment and the principles of employees' lease services;
  • To popularize the opportunities of employees' lease and the mobility of labour force in general among employers.


On 20.07.2011 on TEAAL initiative amendments were made to the Labour Law of Latvia which defined a provider of labour force provision service as an employer to whom all the conditions of the Labour Law were applicable.

The work on the proposals for amendments to the labour legislation of Latvia continues with the purpose of laying down several conditions regarding temporarily employed personnel.


TEAAL is also among Eurociett or European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies www.euro-ciett.org members. This organization represents the interests of the personnel selection and temporary employment agencies of 27 European countries in the EU institutions (the Commission, the Parliament, the Council).

Eurociett: http://www.eurociett.eu

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